अमीर बनने के लिए कमाओ, ना की गरीब बनने के लिए | The Purpose of Earning Money in Hindi


Money Mindset Your Purpose of Earning Money will Decide whether you will be rich or not ? 1. Poor People Money Mindset – They Think the purpose of money, just to be spent, they have Just Next 30/31 Days for…

Money Mindset
Your Purpose of Earning Money will Decide whether you will be rich or not ?

1. Poor People Money Mindset –

They Think the purpose of money, just to be spent,
they have Just Next 30/31 Days for Spending
their mindset are simply made to spend the all before the next pay,
because they have no other idea, what to do if something left…
So, they spend all they have,
and their mindset is just to survive on monthly basis,
they don’t think big, means for a longer time,
they think just one month far away…

2. Middle Class People Money Mindset –

very similar to the poor, something better than poor
better foods, better home, better traveling experience, better cloths…
better bike, better car,
they want to make their life better, and improve their life style.
better cloths, better holidays, better

No doubt middle class, earn more than poor, but at the end for both group,,
it is all about the purpose of money is to spend ..

Middle class has a biggest disadvantages to cover their short fall by borrowings,.
using credit cards, buy now pay later, or emis, through…or Personal loan, instant credit.

3. Rich/Wealthy People Mindset…

The Purpose of The Money is to make more money,
They Know that, they will be rich only if their money works,
they know they have limited time 24 hours just like others, poor or middle class,
and the truth is no one an work more than 24 hours,
so the better thing is , to just make sure your money works while you sleep…

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