1993 Nissan Skyline RB26 Sedan

I don’t know why it’s come to be that sedans catch such a bad wrap. While we’re constantly getting request for coupes, those aren’t always a practical option for everyone. Having a proper 4 door car makes like considerably easier,…


I don’t know why it’s come to be that sedans catch such a bad wrap. While we’re constantly getting request for coupes, those aren’t always a practical option for everyone. Having a proper 4 door car makes like considerably easier, but who says they have to be boring? The R33 was already a cool car from the factory, Nissan’s evolution of the R chassis really shows. Our ’93 came from humble beginnings as a GTS fitted with the RB20E. Obviously the body has seen some changes since then. A GTR style bumper and grill immediately set the tone that this isn’t your standard sedan. Pair that up with the vented FRP hood and it really sets the front end off. To keep the lines flowing around the car VSaero side skirts and rear bumper complete the look. The low body lines are much more on point with the way the car should have come from the factory. While sitting considerably lower than stock, the car is still at a plenty driveable height. The tail lights have been upgraded with a set of Kouki lights, and while such a minor change visually it really makes a big impact. The center garnish was shaved and color matched giving the back end a really clean appearance. The car has obviously been repainted from the original Gun Gray Metallic (KH2) but in a very similar shade. We think the lighter silver was a great choice, and overall the color swap was well done as they painted all the jams and trunk. The paint job is older, and with the nature of FRP body pieces it does have some imperfections. There are small cracks in the paint along this chin spoiler and one spot (as noted in the pictures) on the hood, but most of the blemishes are only really noticeable when you’re going over the car with a fine tooth comb. Bronze 18″ Work Emotion T7R’s are the icing on the cake. The wheels show well, however they do have some curb rash and flaking from being driven over the years. And since a car like this can’t be sitting at factory ride height a new set of Fortune 500 coilovers were installed to dial out that wheel gap. Not only does it look the way it’s supposed to, but it’s also stepped up it’s handling game.

The interior has been kept closer to stock, with several key upgrades. The driver’s seat has been swapped out in favor of the far more supportive R32 GTR seat. The seat shows well, however does have a patch over the bolster from wear. The factory passenger and rear seats are in great shape, it hardly looks like they’ve been used over the years. To keep tabs on vitals a plethora of gauges have been added to the dash. Auto Gauge boost, water, and oil temp are all displayed in real time. The stock gauge cluster was replaced with the much more fitting R33 GTR cluster. Anything with an 8K RPM redline is just fine by us. Naturally do to the cluster and motor swap the mileage is unverified on this one, as of current the mileage sits at a tick under 36K. An Alcantera Momo Selm steering wheel gives you a direct connection with the car, not to mention the sportier look. Just because we want big power doesn’t mean we have to go without creature comforts. All of the factory accessories are still present and accounted for; power windows, mirrors, and automatic climate control.

As if the body work and interior wasn’t enough, the RB20E got a makeover of it’s own in the form of two turbos and another .6 liters of displacement. The RB26DETT looks right at home when you pop the vented bonnet. To ensure that this is a long term car several key items have been upgraded. Up front it’s hard to miss the giant HKS front mount intercooler glaring through the GTR bumper. Twin HKS intakes feed the hungry turbos and help to make all the right noises. In keeping with cooling a clever Trust oil cooler was hidden in the driver side wheel well which runs over to a remote oil filter setup to make changes easier. Of course no Skyline is complete without an exhaust. Naturally the sedan has a custom Fujitsubo turbo back setup which sounds amazing under load. RB’s have a sound unlike any other, you really have to hear it for yourself to take it all in. While going fast is great, you do need to be able to stop so a full GTR brake setup was fitted. To keep with the GTR theme the strut tower brace is a factory R33 GTR one to help fortify the front end. As you can note in the underbody photos the HICAS system has been locked out which is a very common modification.

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