If You Have $1000 Right Now, Invest In This Asap

I told you guys I read the comments, so when Chris Asked me, where to invest his $1,000 dollars right now during the market crash I decided to make an entire video to answer the questions, and the lower the…

If You Have $1000 Right Now, Invest In This Asap



I told you guys I read the comments, so when Chris Asked me, where to invest his $1,000 dollars right now during the market crash I decided to make an entire video to answer the questions, and the lower the amount to $1000, because not everyone has $10k
So in this video, we’re going to talk about investing into Netflix( down 70%), Disney(down 40%) and apple(down 25%), what I’m currently investing into and how to make sure you don’t lose your money

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1. Netflix, Disney, and Apple

-All these companies are down from their previous high

-So the big question are they selling at a discount and should you be buying them right now

-And some of them are in some trouble

Do you believe that a singular event can cause a giant like these companies to lose everything

Do you think anyone would care a year from now

Disney has: 116k employees ( movie)

Netflix: over 11k I don’t even what they do ( Missing earnings)

Apple: 154k ( Shrinking margins)

But sears had 85k and it still went under

Look at the Chart over the period of time ( pre pandemic, In the pandemic, during pandemic and post pandemic )

-Not show where a stock is going

-But to show where a stock has been before in similar situations

-And how people may have thought it was the end be all

-The stock market is not weighting matching where all the stocks are perfectly price, but instead it’s a voting/popularity contest

Value a Company vs Speculate on Price

-When I first started investing I had two points of research

-What was the stock price a year ago and what is the stock price now

-With that information I would say, well it was less last year so it’ll probably be more next year ( that’s not speculation )

Continued: But then I learned a Little about valuing a company

-I turned into a critic of companies, I don’t care where you have been, or where you think you are going, I want to know what you are worth currently

-So when study the financial statements, to come up with an intrinsic value of the company

-And you also buy at discount incase your analysis is wrong, that gives you a lot more confidence


-When I was in the business of buying sell phones and reselling them

-I would always find a customer that would tell me, my iphone is in great condition and paid $1000 for it, so theirs is no way in hell I’m going to sell to you for $300

-Then I would point that the phone is 5 years old, show then that it sells for 350 on average and that I have to make a profit

-And they would say well what about 345, I would never buy something that close to its value because their other cost, and the price might change

2. So Tommy what are you Investing into

-The answer absolutely nothing as far individual companies

-I’m investing my time though, around 7.5 to 8 hours a week on learning about investing

-And its so hard that I only get through 16 pages a day, but I’m slowly making connections its awesome


-Don’t be afraid of missing out on something, just because you are not ready yet ( obviously if it makes sense and its obvious that’s different, but don’t be crazy about always having to rely on other people )

-And if you want to learn about investing, which is extremely boring to 97% of people

-Here are 3 books, One Up on Wall Street , The intelligent investor and value investing

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