Life Insurance Helps Your Child Qualify for Federal Student Aid

Find out how some families are lowering their taxable income…with life insurance. When your student applies for federal student aid (with the dreaded FAFSA form), his or her eligibility depends on your taxable income. Click here to learn more…..

F.P. Walshe Grade 9 Intro to Animation- Pic Slideshow

The Grade 9’s of FP Walshe School try out different animation techniques during CAOS’s Blackfoot Language Animation Residency. Students created imaginative animations to visually express Blackfoot vocabulary. This project happened with support from the Canada Learning Bond program and Indigenous…

How to Waive Your CUA Student Health Insurance?

Helpful link(s): – Student Medical Insurance – CUA Aetna Waiver and Enrollment Site Leave your comment below, If you have any questions or suggestions.